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Cool Roofs
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Services: Brand Identity, Web Design + Development, Training Curriculum, Educational Guidelines and Reference Materials

Some of The Pinwheel Group’s clients have benefited from participating in the NYCº CoolRoofs program. NYC °CoolRoofs is a collaboration between NYC Service, the NYC Department of Buildings and the Community Environmental Center to promote and facilitate the cooling of New York City’s rooftops.


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In layman’s terms, a cool roof is an alternative to traditional black asphalt.  It is a roof with a white topcoat of paint that reflects the sun’s rays and reduces a building’s solar heat gain. Applying a reflective surface to a roof helps reduce cooling costs, cut energy usage and lower greenhouse gas emissions.  Cool roofs benefit the owner by reducing the energy required to cool the building, and by extending the life of air conditioning equipment. Cool roofs also help reduce the “urban heat island effect” in the neighborhood. As it relates to the planet, cool roofs mitigate global warming by reducing heat radiated into the atmosphere.

  • Broadway Stages is a New York company that provides stage facilities to the film and TV industries. In September 2010, Broadway Stages provided the material for a cool roof installation on one of their buildings in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They used volunteers from the NYC Department of Buildings to apply the coatings.
  • HELPUSA: In May 2010, HELPUSA, a nationwide affordable housing service organization, provided materials for cool roof installations on two of their properties: HELP I and Genesis, located in Brownsville in Brooklyn.  Volunteers from Coach Leatherwear applied the coatings. These projects are setting a precedent for HELPUSA to develop cool roofs on hundreds of thousands of square feet of flat roof surfaces throughout the United States.
  • The Queens Economic Development Corporation (QEDC) plans to install a white roof on Entrepreneur Space, an underutilized commercial kitchen being turned into a culinary incubator and training center.  This cool roof installation is unique because a local artist has developed a reflective art form that will be applied for the first time on the roof of the incubator.

These projects reduce clients’ energy expenditures, create excellent public relations opportunities, and enable clients to forge strong relationships with their communities.